Dear Queenie: Is Male Chastity Training Popular In Female Led Relationships?

Dear Queenie: Is Male Chastity Training Popular In Female Led Relationships?

Dear Queenie,

Is male chastity training common in female light-emitting diode relationships?


Many thanks for asking this question that is important. You’re not the very first guy whom has expected this. From my interviews with lots of partners in both feminine led relationships and femdom relationships, it appears that partners in femdom relationships utilize this strategy more.

Femdom relationships commonly have a kink that is significant in their mind where intimate energy exchanges are an exceptionally essential and vital an element of the relationship dynamic. Ladies who take part in femdom enjoy controlling their partner’s choices and pleasure that is receive it. Perhaps one of the most pleasures that are powerful guy has, is their ability to orgasm with or without a female. A female involved with femdom together with her partner will almost always utilize chastity and orgasm control as being a right component of her domination over him. It appears to be her many powerful approach to show authority.

Female led relationships are a little various. Female led relationships are less about control and domination and much more concerning the submissive guy adoring their spouse and supporting her objectives, enabling her to guide the connection where she views fit because he trusts her judgment and leadership.

A woman does not feel the need to exert authority over a man’s ability to orgasm because he willingly gives the authority to her in a female led relationship. She does not have to go on it by force and she’s got no desire to make any such thing.


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Really interesting and fascinating! Chastity continues to be a effective device and technique through the Female Goddess Owner to use Her authority on the male submissive. In my opinion that also throughout a FLR She will dsicover it necessary every so often to put on chastity measures he might stray in his devotion and servitude to his Goddess on him… reason being that even during a FLR. we have been all things considered only individuals and therefore are by no means that is perfect if our motives could be noble and pure. Such is life! To suffer and lose for the Supreme Goddess Owners stay blissful and a privilege.

Chastity isn’t a computer device. Chastity may be the work of refraining from sexual intercourse. Yes, you can find chastity products and now we one that is even own we wore at the beginning of my FLM. Presently, the unit is utilized as an approach of punishment. perhaps maybe maybe not because Mistress believes there was less chance that I shall masturbate without permission or have sexual intercourse with some other person (nearly a similar thing in her brain), but instead because she understands that using the chastity unit on, erections, although possible, are painful and uncomfortable, particularly in the center of the night time.

Queenie we enjoyed looking over this reply and agree with you up to the last paragraph. You will find nuances right right here as it is a clear physical, psychological and public reminder of the power dynamics in the relationship that I feel are important to add, as follows: Over time in a FemDom relationship, the sub may be in a place to willingly give control of his orgasm to the FemDom, however the chastity device remains. The sexual control aspect is 2ndary and thus less of a focus in a female led relationship. The reality is that during these relationships, the person will and does masturbate, JO, in order to find launch if he has “willingly” given control to the female in this relationship– he will do this even. The way the ongoing parties address this can be a significant powerful within female led relationships. WCK

My hubby will not masturbate. There are occasions once we don’t have sexual intercourse for some time and I also ask him how does he not masturbate and then he states he can hold back until i’m prepared. I actually do see just what you’re saying though in that the guy nevertheless will not stress or need intercourse through the girl or believe that the lady is obligated and won’t stress her and certainly will just look for other options in place of forcing her if she does not would you like to. He does make an effort to start intercourse often and it’s also as much as me personally whenever we proceed through along with it or otherwise not. It will be has brought some time for people to make it to this aspect. I really do not require any energy over him intimately, but he positively discovers satisfaction in being the foundation for several my pleasures.

My ex-Wife “broke me” from masturbating without authorization through a mixture of control (corporal punishment) along with extensive durations of abstinence, while keeping Her straight to be orally serviced me sexual release by me, without permitting.

Exceptional post. Whenever my Mistress Wife and I started our Female Led Marriage, we felt like we have to :follow the guidelines” that we perceived to stay in destination. You understand, the people on the web. Therefore male chastity cage had been bought and I also had been instructed to put on it. maybe maybe not 24/7, but frequently sufficient. After a couple of months of periodic use, Mistress and I also had been chatting and asked ourselves, why have always been we being expected to wear this cage? Mistress felt that putting on a cage ended up being symbolic of maybe maybe perhaps not having the ability to trust in me, if ended up being putting on the cage simply to insure that I happened to be after the guidelines rather than pressing myself or masturbating, then there is a fundamental element lacking. Trust.

I believe we as men often skip one of the points linked to chastity being chaste – that one of many real advantageous assets to all this is that it surely takes the main focus from the male and empowers the female. Myself i really do perhaps maybe not believe you may need a computer device with all the relevant problems – but exactly what ever makes a couple of happy – seeing a girl wear a vital is a robust indication and sign! In the long run it ought to be as to what makes our spouses or girlfriends pleased and never we want about it being focused on what. Let’s make an effort to evolve past being simply dedicated to the ‘device’… could be my ‘advice’

Males are managed up to a large degree by their genitals and far of their power is directed towards orgasm. Females having said that experience intercourse in a far more much much much deeper and sophisticated method. Feminine control over a mans intimate urges and behavior is essential when it comes to mans well being plus the relationship. an ego that is male be managed by managing as he has sex or by showing that the lady are able to find other people who are only as effective at offering her physical pleasure. It’s very humbling for a guy to understand that their penis may be replaced by another guy and therefore other males will soon be all to happy to offer real pleasure to their spouse.

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