For example: are you aware that some insects‘ genitals explode while having sex?

For example: are you aware that some insects‘ genitals explode while having sex?

Or that some seafood can change gender?

Intrigued? Continue reading for 30 of the most animal that is bizarre practices.

Honey Bee: Exploding Testicles.

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The reproductive period of bees is fascinating – and complex. But listed here is the story that is short a queen is selectively bred in a particular „queen cell“ in the hive and fed royal jelly by worker bees to induce her to be intimately mature.

A virgin queen that survives to adulthood without being killed by her competitors will need a mating trip by having a dozen or so drones that are maleout of tens of thousands eligible bachelors in the colony). But don’t phone these drones lucky because during mating, their genitals explode and snap off inside the queen!

Strange because it is, this actually makes sense that is evolutionary the snapped-off penis acts as a genital plug to avoid other drones from fertilizing the queen. But inform that to your dead drone whose penis simply exploded.

[Note: this plan is indeed successful it is apparently utilized by other species of pets, for instance the male wasp spider]

(Image Credit: lavalife atlanta Veebl [Flickr])

Bonobo: Make Love Not War

Bonobo, striking a pose (Image Credit: Kabirdas [Flickr])

Who stated that violence is the only solution to re solve battles over food or territory? In place of fighting, bonobos [wiki] have sexual intercourse! Really, their entire societal framework appears to revolve around sex.

Bonobos utilize intercourse as greetings, a mean of re solving disputes, creating for fights, so that as a favors in exchange for meals. They tongue kiss, take part in oral intercourse, shared masturbations, have actually face-to-face genital sex and have even a strange „penis fencing“ ritual!

Within their 1996 book titled Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence, Richard Wrangham and Dale Peterson had written:

„Chimpanzees and Bonobos both evolved through the ancestor that is same gave increase to people, yet the Bonobo is one of the most calm, unaggressive types of mammals living in the earth today. They will have evolved approaches to reduce physical violence that permeate their entire society. They reveal us that the evolutionary dance of physical violence is maybe not inexorable“.

Flatworm: Make Love AND War.

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Penis fencing flatworms. (Image Credit: PBS/The Shape of Life)

If bonobos „penis fence“ as foreplay, flatworms do so for real.

For flatworms, sex is more like war than love. As with any ocean slugs, flatworms are hermaphrodites (they have both male and female intimate organs). In this situation, the male organ turns out to be two dagger-like penises they used to hunt along with mate. During mating, two flatworms battle (in other words. „penis fence“) to stab each other, while avoiding getting stabed.

The „loser“ who gets stabbed will absorb the semen through its skin after which scoots down to keep the burden of motherhood! (Source, by having a cool movie you shouldn’t miss.)

Frigatebird: Fanciful Big Red Balloon.

Struck play or visit Link [YouTube]

Those male that is fanciful have absolutely nothing on frigatebirds! A male frigatebird features a throat sac that it can inflate with time and effort – it will take over a period of twenty minutes – right into a giant red, heart-shaped balloon. Then he waggles their head from side to side, shakes his wings and calls the females to check him down.

A frigatebird that is female mate with all the male utilizing the biggest and shiniest balloon. While having sex, the bird that is male sweetly put their wings over her eyes to be sure she doesn’t get sidetracked by other men with also nicer balloons! (Source)

Red-Sided Garter Snake: an Mating Ball that is annual Orgy

Red-sided garter snake mating ball (Image Credit: Robert Mason, professor of Zoology at the Oregon State University, from News and Communications Service at OSU)

Strange Fact 1. The mating that is annual of garter snakes is really a tourist attraction in Manitoba, Canada. That is because when a lady garter snake emerges from hibernation, she releases a pheromone that draws hundreds of male snakes in the vicinity to rush her and produce a large squirming „mating ball.“

Strange Fact 2. Like many snakes, the male garter snake has two penises, called „hemipenes,“ for each part of its human body. The male will endeavour to use the penis that is best-positioned mate with the female the mating ball.

Strange Fact 3. As in the event that two facts above aren’t strange sufficient, ends up there’s a „she-male“ snake whom releases pheromones similar to the females do (and fools a huge selection of other males to stack up on him/her). Why? Scientists believe that thus giving the she-male heat and security (and attention, too, i am sure). (Supply)

Bonus: From Active Science:

The annual red-garter mating balls really are a big tourist attraction in Manitoba—and a supply of many stories. One naive couple built a house on top of a clear snake pit one summer, simply to find their house swarmed by a huge number of red-sided garters returning to their conventional hibernation den into the fall. The few quickly relocated their new house. (Supply)

Hyena: The Females Got Balls!

Spotted hyena. (Image credit: Los Angeles Dawson, Wikipedia)

Feminine hyenas wear the jeans within the family. They are larger and more powerful than the males. And positively far more aggressive. Heck, they also got balls. Really.

A female hyena has a pseudopenis, fundamentally an enlarged clitoris, they can erect at will. To mate, the meeker male needs to place his penis into her pseudopenis. That’s difficult for the males, yet still nothing compared to the feminine having to give birth by way of a penis!

Biologist Laurence Frank defines another thing that is strange about hyenas – the real way they state hello to one another:

After being divided for a hours that are few spotted hyenas engage in „greeting“ displays that entail lifting their legs and exposing their erect pseudopenises for examination. Subordinate females often initiate greetings and this may be the just understood case of an erection being fully a gesture that is submissive. „This uncommon display just isn’t without its risks [because] each hyena sets its reproductive organs in instant proximity to really effective jaws,“ claims Frank. „On the uncommon occasions whenever aggression escalates to fighting, the resulting damage may be serious enough to destroy or seriously compromise the reproductive competence regarding the injured celebration.“ (Source)

Manakin: Moonwalking to Impress the Ladies

There’s dance and there’s dance – like the moonwalk that the male Manakin does to impress the ladies! Michael Jackson has absolutely nothing to them manakins!

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – Thanks Xopl and Kamilf!

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