LGBTQ – An acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (Queer just isn’t constantly included.

LGBTQ – An acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (Queer just isn’t constantly included.

Metamor – Your partner’s partner.

Mono – Short for monogamy or even a monogamous individual.

Monogamy – a lifestyle and philosophy based across the forming and sustaining of a relationship with one partner at the same time.

Mono/Poly – Refers to a relationship from a polyamorous and person that is monogamous.

Non-hierarchical Polyamory – a type of polyamory that doesn’t distinguish between main and additional lovers, but alternatively seeks to foster equal status amongst partners.

Non-monogamy – A catchall term which includes any style of relationship or sexual intercourse maybe maybe maybe perhaps not based on a partner that is single. Non-monogamous people consist of swingers, polyamorous individuals and available relationships, in addition to other people.

New union Energy (NRE) – The experience of excitement and bliss within the early times of a relationship that is new.

Start Relationship – A relationship, ordinarily a dyad, which allows numerous intimate lovers, but often with no commitment that is emotional in polyamorous relationships.

Paganism – Is really a philosophy in relation to a reverence that is spiritual nature. Polyamory owes most of its history towards the pagan community. Morning Glory Zell, first utilized the term polyamorous in her article, ‘A Bouquet of Lovers’. Additionally pagan that is many and intentional communities draw on polyamorous tips and they are more accepting of polyamory than almost every other traditions.

Pansexual – A term talking about sexual and/or psychological attraction without guide to gender or sex that is biological. The greater amount of widely used term ‘bisexual’ limits those identifying along with it to two genders or sexes, something pansexual’s reject.

Poly – Short for polyamorous.

Polyamory – A philosophy and life style based across the developing and sustaining of relationships with numerous lovers in a available, truthful and non-possessive method. Which means polyamorous individuals find psychological satisfaction by maybe maybe not restricting on their own or their lovers to 1 significant other. For the purposes with this internet site we also make use of wider concept of polyamory, that will be this is the notion of ‘many loves’ approached within an ethcial means. In this context our site includes ethical non-monogamy, relationship anarchy and relationships that are open.

Polyfidelity – A polyamorous relationship involving numerous lovers, but shut to brand brand brand new fans outside the team.

Polygamy – Some confuse polyamory with polygamy, there are many reasoned explanations why they’ve been various. Firstly polygamy means numerous marriage, whereas polyamory merely means ‘many loves’ and therefore is a much broader and comprehensive term. Polyamory has also its origins in social equality and alternate worldviews. Polygamy having said that is usually patriarchal and therefore generally speaking about males having one or more spouse. Wikipedia features polyamory’s huge difference to polygamy, “Polyamory [is] a far more contemporary outlook grounded in such ideas as sex equality, self-determination, free option for all included, shared trust, equal respect among lovers, the worthiness of love, the best of compersion, along with other mostly secular ideals.”

Polymax – Is really a casual term for staying at the limitation regarding the relationships you are feeling you is tangled up in. For instance you might state “I’ve reached my polymax, we can’t get embroiled with any partners that are new now”.

Primary – A polyamorous person’s partner that is main within hierarchical kinds of polyamory, although often utilized to lovers in most equal primaries.

Quad – A four partner relationship that is polyamorous.

Relationship Anarchy (RA) – A non-monogamous philosophy beginning in Sweden with numerous ideas in keeping with polyamory. Nonetheless, a relationship anarchist will not create a distinction that is special buddies, enthusiasts along with other types of relationship. RA additionally attracts from numerous areas of 3rd revolution, queer and intercourse feminism that is positive. These more radical tips are what set RA aside from polyamory, that is regarded as a far more term that is general. People who identify with RA are often critical of energy structures, gender norms and limits on sex.

Relationship Orientation – Refers to the as a type of relationship that an specific prefers, such as for example monogamy or polyamory. The term orientation is employed to emphasize that a relationship orientation sometimes appears since essential as a intimate orientation.

Sacred sex – A philosophy that views sex and sex at the time of main religious value. It’s an idealogy that is popular the pagan, modern and brand brand new religious motions. See additionally Tantra.

Additional – Within hierarchical polyamory a second is really a partner with a lesser psychological and/or domestic status within the partnership. The expression is generally combined with combination because of the term ‘primary’.

Tantra – A form of religious training present in Eastern traditions that are religious as Hinduism and Buddhism. The term is generally used to refer to a form of spiritual practice highlighting sexual union in the West. See sexuality that is also sacred.

Triad – A three person relationship for which all three folks are intimately included. A triad varies from a Vee, for which there’s also three individuals, however they are not totally all included. A triad the most typical types of polyamorous relationship.

Tribe – A larger grouping that is polyamorous. The expression is popular inside the pagan and communities that are intentional.

Trisexual – A sexual choice for three means relationships.

Vee – A three person relationship by which anyone is intimately associated with two other people. It really is so called because the model of the page V has three points with two linked to one. The main individual in the V shape is oftentimes described as the ‘hinge’. The 2 in a roundabout way included tend to be nevertheless emotionally and socially included.

Veto – an understanding that offers one partner the proper to finish the external s that are relationship( of some other of these lovers.

Wibble – a short-term sense of insecurity or envy whenever seeing another of their partners to your partner.

Zie – a pronoun that is gender-neutral “he” or “she.”

Zir – a pronoun that is gender-neutral “him” or “her.”

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