Subaru Outback also a populous city slicker

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Subaru New Zealand is actually adamant that its fifth-generation Outback is really a proper SUV solely all-wheel drive, 213mm ground clearance and a pushbutton X-Mode that automatically configures the powertrain for off-tarmac driving, including a mountain descent control function.

But if we had to vote one model within the range as minimum likely to keep the beaten path, it would need to be the flagship $59,990 Outback 3.6R Premium. It’s maybe not it’s just that the 3.6R seems to be more after the executive dollar than muddy adventure that it’s any less capable in the rough.

The 3.6R has a much more upmarket appearance than the four-cylinder models, especially in the black exterior finish of our test car through subtle use of chrome and colour. More equipment, t .

In fact, the boxer-six engine has become the least changed powerplant in the fifth-generation Outback lineup, however the driving experience is still significantly distinctive from the model that is previous. That’s right down to a change in gearbox technology, from the slightly disappointing five-speed automated into the past generation to slightly worrying Subaru Lineartronic Transmission (SLT) technology for this brand new one. Already employed by the four-cylinder models, SLT is Subaru’s version of continuously adjustable transmission. It could seem like an odd option for a pseudo luxury automobile, save several salient facts it is substantially more refined than the old five-speeder, SLT is the way Subaru is going with virtually every two-pedal model ( including the superior WRX) and, in fact, the organization has this technology basically nailed.

Most obvious is the mode that is manual which provides you the impression of six ratios to shift through. It’s okay, however that is entirely convincing still have the slide of SLT even if the gearbox is locked into among those actions.

Better to embrace the gearbox for just what it really is and make use of the function that is SI-Drive which lets you ch se from three various powertrain modes.

Three-mode SI-Drive is unique towards the 3.6R there’s smart (read economy) and Sport, but additionally a hobby Sharp environment which livens things up much more.

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So yes, the Outback 3.6 does wthhold the driver enjoyment you expect from a Subaru. The powertrain could be made to play therefore the framework is nicely balanced through the corners. Whether the performance that is extra of boxer-six engine is worth having on the $49,990 2.5i Premium model is a m t point it is brisk, but you pay at the gas pump. The general economy figure of 9.9 litres per 100km is well up on the 7.3 litres associated with the petrol-four.

It’s also fairly positive it does like a drink if you’re doing a lot of urban driving in this machine take the 3.6R into town and.

Energy players need their little luxuries t , of course. It will be wrong to say a wealth is added by the 3.6R of gear over the four-cylinder Outback models. The 2.5i Premium already has fabric furniture, powered/heated front seats with driver’s memory, wiper de-icer, satellite navigation, Light-emitting Diode headlights and energy tailgate.

Because of the 3.6R, Subaru is relying more in the buyer appreciating some additional attention to information. It has a unique instrument panel, for instance. Therefore the sound has also been upgraded up to a Harman Kardon 12-speaker system.

The EyeSight active safety system is still a very g d reason buying any Outback. Introduced on the model that is last-generation it utilizes stereo digital cameras (you is able to see them into the windscreen) to learn the street ahead and supply driver-assistance features such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure caution, lead automobile departure alert, pre-collision throttle control and pre-collision braking. It’s a brilliant system that works seamlessly and it is unperturbed by bad weather, since the cameras are behind cup and mounted high.

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