Today I’m sharing a tutorial that is quick how exactly to install hidden, Euro-style hinges on your cabinets.

Today I’m sharing a tutorial that is quick how exactly to install hidden, Euro-style hinges on your cabinets.

How exactly to Install Concealed Cabinet Hinges

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It may l k like a frightening project, however it’s actually surprisingly simple and will completely transform the appearance of your kitchen or bathr m cabinets!

This post is sponsored by our buddies at Rockler.

Over my 8 many years of homeownership, one of the biggest things I’ve discovered so far is that the small details at home matter as the big ones. Yes, it’s great to enjoy a super kitchen that is fancy a great deal of cabinetry, but have you skilled the secret of under-cabinet illumination?! Plus it’s great to really have a big ol’ patio that is covered r m to match all the family, however if that yard is not well-manicured with a few pretty flowers, it doesn’t feel nearly as unique.

Therefore, even though the big stuff things, the small material things just as much…if not more.

Today, I wanted to share with you a detail that is small makes a larger impact that you may understand case hinges. It appears like a boring topic, I know, but believe me when I say it’s maybe not! Recently I assisted dad swap out their old hinges for Euro-style hidden hinges and, y’all, it is amazing just how various the area l ks now. We’re clearly also working on additional projects ( see how we added a DIY vent bonnet cover here), and still have a real ways to get, but things are l king great.

Corey and I have been lucky enough to always purchase houses that already have concealed case hinges in it, so that it’s not just a project we’ve ever had to be concerned about, but after doing this with my father I am able to surely let you know that when we ever buy space with visible hinges we’ll be changing that right away. Because, h oly cow.

This is certainly one particular projects that probably appears extremely intimidating with it(you have to drill holes if you aren’t familiar! In your cabinets!), however it’s actually pretty simple and easy you’ll totally repeat this. By yourself. I swear.

Willing to learn how to provide kitchen area a whole fresh l k?! Let’s get it done.

Just how to install hidden cabinet hinges

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Materials required

  • Concealed hinges (we utilized these, continue reading for assistance ch sing yours!)
  • Rockler JIG IT Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System
  • Long-Shank Forstner Bit
  • Drill + driver set

Ch sing escort Santa Clarita your case hinges

The first step to this task is selecting the kind of hinge you need for your cabinets. There are many various kinds of hidden hinges (you can see every one of Rockler’s options here) nevertheless the two primary kinds are hinges are frameless hinges or face-frame overlay hinges.

What’s the difference?

A face-frame overlay hinge is supposed for a case base with a frame across the case when the d r is opened by you. Put simply, whenever you open your case d r, will there be an area on either part of this case that stands apart from the wall associated with the cabinet base? If so, you’ve got cabinets with face frames. If you open the cabinet d r and the sides of the cabinet are sm th from front to right back, that’s frameless.

We needed face frame overlay hinges ( and I think that’s the most typical type), therefore we elected these. Once more, there are a great number of various hinge options with various available radiuses, other ways to install, and different closing mechanisms (soft near, snap close, etc.) but these would be the kind you mostly think about when you consider concealed hinges, and they’re what we’ve had both in of our homes so far, so that it’s just what we’re comfortable with.

Within the hinge, there are various sizes ( I am aware! It’s lot – stick to me!). You’ll notice that the hinges we decided have 5 different alternatives. The dimensions listed in front of each and every hinge represent how much the d r overlays the face frame whenever case d r is closed. So, how long is is through the edge of your home to the edge of the framework whenever you’ve got your case d r closed? That’s the hinge size you’ll ch se!

Installing the jig

Once you’ve plumped for your hinges, it’s time for you to move on to installing your jig. Now, you can install hinges without having a jig similar to this, but I don’t recommend it. It’s 100% worth it buying a jig that can help make suggestions, make fully sure your holes will be the precise right depth, and also make yes most of the holes for the hinges are straight and consistent. The thing that is last require would be to invest all of this time on a project and realize you’ve hung your d r cr ked, appropriate?! This jig will be sure that does not happen.

We used Rockler’s JIG IT Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System. Remember that you’ll need certainly to grab this drill bit to go with it to enable it working precisely!

Just What does this contraption do? Fundamentally, when you’ve work it to drill holes in your very first cabinet home, it quickly attaches to every home helping you drill an opening in the exact same i’m all over this every single d r, at the precise exact same level. A project is taken by it that could simply take you days to tackle and turns it in to a project you are able to knock down in an hour or two. Fundamentally, it is a miracle worker.

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